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With 69 years’ experience and 400k+ projects completed, we are the experts in shower reglazing.

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When it comes to shower refinishing, you need a reliable company that can deliver top-quality results.  Porcelain & Fiberglass Maintenance Company is your trusted partner in transforming your shower to like new.  We are the best in our industry as the #1 top-rated Los Angeles shower reglazing and surface reglazing service providing premium results.

We offer:

Experience and expertise
As the pioneers of the industry and with decades of experience, we have refined our techniques and mastered the art of shower reglazing. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and knowledgeable, ensuring that every detail of your shower is taken care of.

Excellent customer service
We value our customers and prioritize customer satisfaction above all else.  From the moment you contact us until the completion of the project, our team will guide you through the entire process and address any concerns or questions you may have.  We are committed to providing exceptional customer service that exceeds your expectations.

High-quality materials and products 
At Porcelain & Fiberglass Maintenance Company, we use only our proprietary, premium, commercial grade products and materials for all our bathtub and shower refinishing projects in Los Angeles.  Our products are eco-friendly, durable, and designed to withstand the test of time.  You can trust that your shower will be rejuvenated with the highest level of quality.

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Real Estate
The best reglazing company ever! I have used this company, Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, for years!! I have had several homes and know for a fact, that by far, there is no other company as good at reglazing as this one. Their work is impeccable. They are responsive, easy to work with, and because they are the first company who started reglazing before anyone else did, their experience shows through their work. As an interior designer, I have felt confident and assured that I am recommending a quality product to my clients. Not only does their work speak for itself, but it lasts and protects the original fixtures. In fact, 17 out of 18 of the older homes I have restored have opted for reglazing and have used this company. My reputation is everything to my clients and I will only use the best. Don't waste your time with other companies when you can get the original. I recommend them without hesitation. Friendly, honest and truly good people.
Michele Garcia
Michele Garcia
Porcelain and Fiberglass did an excellent job at refinishing the bathtub at my sober living. It was a top quality upgraded finish. They did an amazing job at a fair price. They were efficient, reliable, neat, clean and respectful. I would highly recommend them!
Julie lydon
Julie lydon
Excellent!!! Had bad rust at overflow and they a great repair. My 100yr old sink look fantastic. Very happy.
Steve LeGault
Steve LeGault
Very professional group of people always helpful and they do very clean work thank you very much Steve Legault,Legault construction services
Terry Martin
Terry Martin
Always great work and gives a fair warranty which they stand behind. If you have UGLY and want BEAUTY give them a call. I manage almost 200 rentals and they have served our needs for years with excellent results. Check out the summit gray, my new favorite color finish.
Carolyn Z
Carolyn Z
We had a tub cutout installed for my 91 he old mother whom wanted to bathe. Add a bath lift and this water than any huge walk in tub. Their employee was ontime and work is perfection. We just had them refinish a tub in a rental and it looks fsntastic. Again the employee was ontime and very professional
Shower Refinishing - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Benefits of Shower Refinishing

Cost-effective solution: Shower refinishing is a cost-effective alternative to replacing your entire shower. It can save you a significant amount of money, especially if your shower is still structurally sound. Instead of investing in a costly renovation, refinishing allows you to achieve remarkable results at a fraction of the cost.

Restores the original shine: Over time, your shower may lose its shine due to constant use and exposure to water and cleaning products. When you choose to refinish your fiberglass shower, it brings back the glossy and polished appearance, making your shower look like new. You’ll be amazed at how our time and money saving process can completely transform the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Non-Slip Surface: Say goodbye to slippery surfaces and the worries of mold and mildew! Our refinishing, reglazing, restoring, and resurfacing services create a robust waterproof barrier over the surface, the tiles, and the grout. This impermeable shield revitalizes the aesthetics of your surfaces and acts as a formidable defense against mold and mildew growth.

Extends the lifespan of the shower: By refinishing your shower, you can extend its lifespan significantly. The process not only repairs any minor damages but also adds a protective layer that helps prevent future wear and tear. With proper care and maintenance, your shower can continue to shine for many more years to come.

Shower Refinishing Increases property value: If you’re planning to sell your home or rent it out, a well-maintained bathroom can significantly increase the value of your property. Potential buyers or tenants will be attracted to a bathroom that looks clean, fresh, and inviting. Shower reglazing is a great way to enhance the overall appeal and marketability of your home.

Bathtub and Shower Refinishing - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Types of Showers

Tub and Shower Refinishing Service - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Tub And Shower Combo

Bathtub and shower combos are typically made from durable materials like acrylic, fiberglass, or composites, offering low-maintenance, space-saving options that can be reglazed for a fresh appearance when needed.

Custom Shower Refinishing - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Custom Shower

The most common floor covering is ceramic tile and the walls are typically made of ceramic tiles, fiberglass, acrylic, solid-surface material or stone. Mostly viable for refinishing contingent on material.

Prefabricated Shower Refinishing - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Prefabricated Shower

Most prefab shower stalls are made are made of either plastic, Gelcoat fiberglass, or acrylic and are all capable of being reglazed..

Stand-Up Shower Refinishing - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Stand-Up Shower

The stand-up shower, also referred to as a freestanding shower, necessitates no framing and can be situated in any location amenable to drain installation and water supply plumbing. This type of shower can be refinished.

Walk-In Shower Refinishing - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Walk-In Shower

Curbless walk-in showers provide superior accessibility, requiring waterproof flooring aligned with the shower pan and allow for reglazing to enhance longevity.

Corner Shower Refinishing - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Corner Shower

Suitable for refinishing and ideal for small bathrooms, corner showers feature two glass panels forming a square enclosure from the bathroom’s corner, with one panel hosting a pivoting door. They are also suitable for refinishing.

Neo-Angle Shower Refinishing - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Neo-Angle Shower

A neo-angle shower with three glass panels offers a chic alternative to square corners in upscale bathrooms. The curved enclosure, featuring curved glass and a shower pan, adds a contemporary flair and both can be resurfaced.

Rectangular Shower Refinishing Service - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Rectangular Shower

A rectangular shower stall provides extra mobility space, making it particularly beneficial for wheelchair users. This type of shower is also suitable for refinishing.

Revitalize Your Bathroom with the innovators of surface refinishing since 1955! Experience the magic of top-tier surface reglazing and shower refinishing. Our eco-friendly, durable solutions transform your space into a modern oasis. Don’t wait – Book your consultation today and step into the future of bathroom elegance!

The Shower Refinishing Process

Our shower refinishing and shower tub resurfacing process consists of several crucial steps including our expert and proprietary technique to ensure outstanding results:

Assessment And Preparation

Our skilled technicians begin by thoroughly inspecting your shower to assess its condition and identify any repairs or modifications needed. We then prepare the area, including masking off surrounding fixtures and protecting your bathroom from any potential mess.

Cleaning And Repairing

Next, we clean the shower surface, removing any dirt, grime, or soap scum. If there are any damages, such as chips, cracks, or scratches, we meticulously repair them to restore the structural integrity of your shower.

Shower Refinishing And Sealing

Once the repairs are complete, through our proprietary process we apply a special refinishing solution to the entire shower surface. This high-tech solution creates a seamless, durable, and waterproof finish, restoring the original shine and color of your shower. To ensure longevity, we also apply a protective commercial grade sealant that guards against stains, mildew, and other common bathroom issues.

Final Inspection And Finishing Touches

After the refinishing and sealing process, our experts conduct a final inspection to ensure that everything is in perfect condition. We pay attention to every detail, making sure that your shower looks flawless. We remove any masking materials, clean up the area, and leave you with a dazzling shower that will exceed your expectations.

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FAQ'S on Shower Refinishing

What is Shower Refinishing?

Shower refinishing is a process that involves restoring the surface of your shower to its former glory. Whether your shower is made of porcelain or fiberglass, refinishing can make it look brand new again. By repairing any damages, removing stains, and applying a fresh coat of our advanced high tech protective sealant, shower refinishing transforms your shower into its original pristine condition.

What are the benefits of shower refinishing and reglazing?

Shower refinishing and reglazing offer a range of compelling benefits, making them a top choice for homeowners.  These advantages include cost efficiency, renewed aesthetics, durability, minimal disruption, eco-friendly/reducing waste, color and texture customization, reduces risk of mold and mildew, and non-skid surface. 

In summary, shower refinishing and reglazing deliver an affordable, efficient, and eco-conscious solution to transform your shower. When you’re in search of “shower refinishing near me,” you’re on your way to enjoying these benefits and a rejuvenated shower experience with Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance Company.

How much does it cost to refinish a shower surround?

Although it is a fraction of the cost of replacement, there is no fixed price on shower reglazing, since the extent and scope of this project can vary. Generally, the cost of refinishing a shower surround will be based on the size of the shower, and amount of restoration, and other factors. 

Talk to our professionals today to find out the price of shower reglazing near you and let them know what you need.  We will provide you with a quote.

Do you offer fiberglass shower refinishing?

Absolutely, fiberglass shower reglazing is a practical and cost-effective solution. This process involves restoring the surface of your fiberglass shower to its original beauty. Through expert reglazing techniques, you can rejuvenate your shower’s appearance, address any issues like cracks or stains, and extend its lifespan. It’s a convenient way to enjoy a refreshed shower without the hassle and expense of a full replacement and completed in a day.

So, if you’ve got old fixtures, opt for our refinishing service rather than spending a fortune on replacements.

What is the least expensive way to redo a shower?

There are several ways to go about redoing a shower – such as tile replacements or a total shower remodel – but they can put a dent in your wallet. Refinishing is one of the cheapest ways to give your shower a makeover.

Fiberglass shower refinishing companies near me will clean, fix any damage, and apply a fresh coating to enhance the overall appearance of your shower. Our sophisticated coatings will produce a smooth and shiny finish that will make the fixtures look good as new.

Refinishing also increases durability, so your old fixtures will work as expected for years to come. Thanks to our quality refinishing service, redoing a shower is far less expensive by avoiding costly replacements.

How long does shower refinishing last?

Shower refinishing is a durable and long-lasting solution for your bathroom. When professionally done, it can endure for up to 10 years or even more with proper care. The longevity of shower refinishing largely depends on factors like maintenance, usage, and the quality of the refinishing work. Regular cleaning and mild care can help ensure your beautifully refinished shower maintains its appearance and functionality for many years to come. Consult with our experts to determine the shower refinishing cost that suits your specific needs.

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