Bathtub Conversions For Seniors

Convert your tub into a functional shower without having to remodel or tear out an existing tub.

Upgrade Your Bathtub for Safer and Easier Access

As we age, it’s essential to prioritize safety and accessibility in our homes.  At Porcelain & Fiberglass Maintenance, we understand the importance of maintaining independence and ensuring a secure bathing experience for seniors. That’s why we offer bathtub conversion for seniors, with a focus on enhancing tub access.

With our Senior Access Step, you can transform your existing bathtub into a functional shower. There’s no need for a full-scale remodel or the hassle of tearing out your current tub. Moreover, we use a patented process which involves precision cutting and removal of a section of your existing tub. This is followed by the seamless installation of a customized bathtub conversion fitting, ensuring enhanced accessibility, safety, and comfort. Our implementation of this innovative and cost-effective solution allows for seamless and safe entry and exit from your bathing area. Most importantly, it requires minimal modifications to your bathroom.

This enhancement includes an optional water-tight sealed door integrated into your existing tub. Additionally, it provides a dedicated entrance point for effortless access. With this modification, you can eliminate the risk of slipping or tripping over the bathtub edge. It gives you and your caregiver peace of mind.

Experience the pinnacle of senior bathtub access conversion and other services with our expert team at the helm.  Your peace of mind, safety, and convenience are our top priorities.  Skip the hassle, save time and money with our efficient and safe Senior Bathtub Conversion.  Get your fee quote!

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Bathtub Conversion Service for Seniors - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Why Choose Our Senior Tub Access Conversions?

Affordable and hassle-free – Our bathtub conversions for seniors is a cost-effective alternative to expensive bathroom renovations. You won’t have to deal with the inconvenience and mess of a complete remodel. Moreover, our solutions are a practical and convenient choice.

Easy installation – Our experienced technicians can quickly install the Senior Access Step with water-tight insert Tub Door. This minimizes disruption to your daily routine. We ensure a seamless and efficient tub conversion process so that you can start enjoying your upgraded bathtub sooner.

Benefits of Bathtub Conversions for Seniors

Enhanced safety – By eliminating the need to step over high bathtub walls, our conversions significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls.  We prioritize your safety and well-being, helping you maintain your independence and peace of mind.

Experienced professionals

With years of experience in the industry, our technicians are skilled in providing top-quality shower conversions for the elderly. They also offer exceptional customer service. You can trust that your bathtub conversion project is in expert hands.

Bathtub Conversion for Seniors - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Types of Bathtub Conversions for Seniors

Senior Standard Step Bathtub Conversions - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Senior Standard Step

This innovative and cost-effective bathtub conversion for seniors allows for seamless and safe entry and exit from your bathing area. It requires minimal modifications to your bathroom.

Senior Ultra Low Step Bathtub Conversions - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Senior Ultra Low Step

The ultra-low version of the standard access step provides an easy and safe walk-in option for seniors who prefer a lower access point into the bathtub.

Senior Convertible Step Bathtub Conversions - Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance, Inc.

Senior Convertible Step

This enhancement includes a water-tight sealed door integrated into your existing tub, providing a dedicated entrance point for effortless access and eliminates the risk of slipping or tripping.  It also allows for a higher water-fill for more of a traditional bathing experience.

Bathtub Conversions for Seniors – Process

Our bathtub conversions for seniors consists of several crucial steps including our expert and proprietary technique to ensure outstanding results:

Assessment And Preparation

First, we will measure the dimensions of your bathtub to accommodate the installation of the senior access conversion.  You will need to choose the type and style of the access step insert you want to install.

Removing And Cutting

Our skilled experts will use a specialized saw or a grinder to cut out the desired section of the tub wall.  The accuracy of the cut is important to ensure the best fit and installation of the senior access step you choose.

Installation And Testing

We will install the step-in insert and will make sure that it fits snugly and securely in the opening of the tub.  We take proper measures to test it ensuring peace-of-mind usage and access.  Our priority is your safety.

Final Inspection

After completing the installation of your new senior access step, we will turn on the water supply and test the functionality and safety of the product and the installation. This ensures a solid and secure installation and air-tight seal.

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What is a senior bathtub conversion, and how does it work?

A senior bathtub conversion is a transformation that enhances bathroom accessibility and safety for seniors.  It typically involves converting a standard bathtub into a more accessible shower or bathtub.  Porcelain and Fiberglass Maintenance Company specializing in “tub to shower conversions near me” and “bathtub conversions for seniors near me” offer this service.  The conversion often includes features like low-step entry, grab bars, anti-slip flooring, and built-in seating to make bathing easier and safer for seniors.  Our company offers the standard bathtub access step entry, the ultra-low access step entry, and the convertible bathtub access entry with door.  What we offer is a cost-effective way to ensure seniors can continue to enjoy their bathing routine independently and comfortably.

Do I need to remodel my entire bathroom for a senior bathtub conversion?

No, a tub to shower conversion typically does not require a full bathroom remodel. This type of conversion is focused on making your bathing area more accessible and safe, primarily by providing safe access to a bathtub.  While you can choose to update other elements of your bathroom during the process, such as the tiles or fixtures, it’s not a necessity. Tub to shower conversions are designed to enhance accessibility without the need for extensive renovations, making them a cost-effective and convenient choice for seniors looking to age in place comfortably.

Can I still use my bathtub for traditional baths after the conversion?

Yes, with our convertible unit which includes a step and a door, you can still use your bathtub for traditional baths after our low cost installation. The conversion process primarily focuses on providing easy access for senior into the bathtub while maintaining the option for both accessible and traditional bathing.  This flexibility ensures that you can continue to enjoy relaxing baths when desired while benefiting from improved accessibility and safety for daily use. It’s a convenient solution that provides the best of both worlds in your bathroom.

What types of bathtub conversion are available for seniors?

There are several types of bathtub conversions designed for seniors to enhance accessibility and safety. Two popular options are the “senior access step” and the “senior access step with tub door.”

  • Senior Standard Access Step: This conversion involves adding a low-step entry to your existing bathtub, making it easier for seniors to step in and out safely.
  • Senior Ultra-Low Access Step: In addition to the standard access step entry, this option includes an ultra-low entry, further simplifying access for Seniors who need lower access.
  • Senior Convertible Access Step with Tub Door: In addition to the standard and ultra-low access step entries, this option includes a drop-in tub door, further simplifying access while also allowing for more water fill into the bathtub.

These conversions provide seniors with convenient alternatives to traditional bathtubs, ensuring a safer and more comfortable bathing experience.

What is better for seniors a standard tub conversion or a convertible tub conversion?

In the choice between a standard or ultra-low tub conversion and a convertible tub conversion for seniors, it’s crucial to consider their unique needs and preferences.  A standard or ultra-low tub conversion transforms the existing bathtub into a walk-in shower, offering enhanced safety and easy access.  On the other hand, the convertible tub conversion provides versatility, allowing seniors the option to bathe while seated and adapting to changing needs by simply using the door.

Both options bring essential benefits, but the decision ultimately rests on individual preferences and budget considerations.  Whether one chooses the simplicity of a standard conversion or the adaptability of a convertible solution, the outcome is an improved quality of life for seniors, ensuring safer and more comfortable bathing experiences.


Without having to tear out your existing tub, our expert technicians will convert it into a functioning shower or senior accessible bathtub which includes installing a water-tight sealed door for increased safety.  Get in touch now for a free quote.

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