One of the most traditional bathtub models out there is the clawfoot tub. The clawfoot tub is named for its distinctive “feet” which hold the tub in place. This bathtub is known for its antique and vintage appeal. These models are tough to replicate since the materials used to create the clawfoot tub are not commonly used anymore. Clawfoot tubs can sell for thousands of dollars in some cases.

In many instances, clawfoot tubs are passed down from generation to generation. They can serve as family heirlooms or can simply be considered as a desirable vintage item.

Pedestal sinks are another part of the bathroom which can give off an antique feel. These sinks add to the vintage appeal that clawfoot tubs have to offer.

If you have either a clawfoot tub or a pedestal sink in your bathroom, you probably value the authentic vintage appearance that they have. However, as these items age, they are likely to show signs of decay (such as cracks, chips and a very dull finish). Your clawfoot tub or pedestal sink can also be unusable in certain instances.

Instead of getting rid of these highly valuable and aesthetic bathroom items, reglazing is an encouraged option.

Bathtub reglazing for a clawfoot tub is an excellent choice if you want to preserve the integrity of your vintage fixtures. With bathtub reglazing, your old, dull, neglected clawfoot tub can be transformed into the beautiful vintage bathtub it is famously known for. Don’t forget to have your pedestal sink refinished as well in order to keep the antique feel of your bathroom at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Since clawfoot bathtubs are rarely manufactured, they have experienced a high increase in value. If you were lucky enough to have one of these unique models passed onto you or your family, it is a wise idea to consider reglazing as a way to preserve them.

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