It can be quite difficult when picking out a bathtub especially without any information. Today, I will be going over fiberglass tubs. A fiberglass bathtub is long-lasting, easy to install and one of the cheapest compared to other tub materials. It’s important to know what bathtub material you’re choosing or have in your home in order to get the most out of it. 

Fiberglass bathtubs are typically found in apartment buildings but are also popular in single family dwellings depending on location. One way to know if you have this type tub in your apartment or home is if the tub itself is intertwined with the wall enclosures as a one piece. However, there are times when the tub itself can stand alone and be surrounded by tile walls or panel walls, but this is quite rare. Although these can mostly come in one piece, they still come in different styles with built in pocket shelves in different areas and look aesthetically pleasing.

Fiberglass tubs affordability is one of its main perks compared to enameled-steel, cast-iron and marble as these tend to be much pricier. Unlike a porcelain bathtub with tile wall surroundings, installing a fiberglass bathtub is much simple and a lot lighter in weight. However, since fiberglass is plastic and lighter in weight, it’s prone to cracking. This may sound troubling and you may think about a replacement, but a professional can easily repair your tub and make it look brand new in no time for a much cheaper price. 

Over time, a fiberglass bathtub can lose its shiny coat and can get dirty, experience discoloration and soap scum. Cleaning your tub can be a hassle at times especially when there’s tough, stubborn stains. However, with a proper chemical cleaning and a refinish, your tub will look as good as new. Be sure to take proper care of your refinished bathtub and your fiberglass material should last long. For tips on how to maintain your bathtub check out our previous blog and be sure to look out for more coming soon. 

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