There’s plenty of cleaning products out there to use for your bathtub, but how do we choose when there’s a wide selection? Do you choose the most popular brand? Do you think about the chemicals and ingredients listed? Do you simply choose whatever cleaning products you typically use even if it’s not meant for your bathtub? Most people usually tend to go with the most basic common cleaning product and hope it gets the job done. It’s important to check which cleaning products work best for your bathtub.

Cleaning products that are powder based clean well but contain harsh abrasives that can cause your bathtub to lose its gorgeous shine and become dull. Powder cleansers can be incredibly tough on your refinish and cause issues in the long run so it’s best to stay away from these products. However, if you’re struggling to get rid of a difficult stain, we recommend using a mild abrasive powder cleanser such as Soft Scrub or Bon Ami Powder. It’s always best to use liquid cleansers as they’re effective when cleaning and softer on your refinish. 

In order to maintain your bathtub in a good condition be sure to clean them every week to avoid soap scum, dirt, stains and discoloration from accumulating. Be sure to remove any metals such as shaving cream bottles and hair products as this can cause orange rust rings. Once rust damage starts appearing, make sure to clean it right away as it can become extremely difficult to remove over time. Another way to prevent any rust damage from occurring is by wiping down your bathtub with a microfiber cloth or towel after each use.

No home should ever have a rust-filled bathtub – never. However, if you do encounter any sort of rust damage it’s always best to have a professional deal with this as it can tend to come back on its own and seep through your refinished bathtub. With proper steps and care, you should never encounter these scenarios. Therefore, it’s important to keep up your maintenance and by doing so your beautiful, shiny bathtub should last you for years to come.  

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